Biosorbe established a test site at Rottneros AB premises 3 years ago. Biosorbe scaled-up lab results from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) to a pilot stage where we installed and tested a micro unit of the production process. In total 2 tons of the bulk absorbent were produced and lots of experience.

The results from the pilot scale unit became the basis for the investment decision to scale up to the present unit. The Board formed the decision to stay and develop the co-operation with Rottneros AB. The reason for the decision to investment at Rottneros were mainly 5:

  • Access to electric power
  • Access to suitable CTMP/TMP
  • Access to waste water handling
  • Access to low-temperature heatwater for drying process
  • Know-how about pulp and pulp production processes

The unit were constructed with the help from local cunstruction companies. The main part of equipment are refurbished thus emphasizes Biosorbes commitment to a sustainable world.

The present production unit were inaugurated in the end of October 2021 and commenced production in February 2022. The unit has a capacity of close to 500 tons per annum with potential to expand to 1.800 tons. During 2022 a new package line will be introduced that will be able to pack bulk and other products. 

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