Bioremediation of rock cavern in Stockholm Royal Seaport

Nordic BioEngineering AB is part of project that clean up a rock cavern of 90 000 cubic meters polluted water in Stockholm Royal Seaport. This is the first time a bioremediation method using Archaea in Sweden and the results has been very successful since the remediation started in the early spring 2017.

The remediation uses both mechanically and biologically methods. Responsible for the remediation is Fortum Värme and Stockholm Parking.

The mechanical part of the purification simply consists of pumping water from the mountain, cleaning it in a bubble chamber, and then releasing the return water to the mountain room. New water is pumped up, purified, and then the process continues until the water is relatively clean.

To get the rock cavern and the mountain totally remediated, a biological treatment is necessary as a final remediation step. The bioremediation is done with the help of our microbial products containing Archaea. The microbes break down the hydrocarbons in several stages and the remains is harmless substances such as water, carbon dioxide and biomass.

Project partners