Developing a smart oil spill absorbent with KTH

Together with KTH, Nordic BioEngineering is developing a new and innovative absorbent made from biodegradable compounds.

Everyday oil spills occur from e.g. trucks, cranes, boats, machines, cars and storage tanks. All these small spills adds up to a significant environmental impact as well as posing a health hazard to personnel due to exposures to harmful substances. When spills happen you need quick access to decontamination and protective equipment. It is both time consuming and costly to handle and dispose of this kind of oil and chemical spills in a safe and appropriate way.

Today, market is dominated by absorbents made from minerals or synthetic material. The absorbent is used to cover the spill. In best case, the absorbent is collected and kept separated as hazardous waste and then sent to an industrial site for destruction or deposit on landfill.

Based on our experience in the field, we know that the absorbent is very often left in the environment and not collected or swept up.Nordic BioENginnerging has been working on a new solution to this problem since 2015. We are devekopping a new oil spill response method. Our method is based on treating the spill on the site with a product that combines a new kind of absorbent and our microbial products.

The project has been financed by Vinnova, Region Västmanland and FoU Västmanland.

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