New funding received from Vinnova – “Innovativa startups”

Nordic BioEngineering AB are thrilled and excited about receiving new funding from Vinnova and their program “Innovative Startups“. With this funding we will be able continue to our development of a new bio-remediation process, using Archaea, to break down PAH in soil and sediment.

The purpose of the project is to validate a new biological (biomimic) treatment method for soil and sediment that are heavily contaminated with PAH (polyaromatic hydrocarbons or polyaromatics). This will be done by working closely together with two clients. Thus, we will validate the new remediation process with large scale test in two actual cases.

The overall objective of the project is to reduce the PAH values so that after the treatment, the polluted soil and sediment can be re-classified from hazardous waste to non-hazardous waste.
By using our new method, we can increase the speed of nature’s ow n ability to break down contaminants by stimulating biological activity and controlling the system to provide optimum conditions for the remediation process.

Expected properties are to show that the new method is cost-effective, better for health and safety for remediation personnel than other methods, energy-efficient and climate-friendly. Cost savings are based on low energy costs, lower taxes on landfills, reduced management of hazardous waste and reduced use of chemicals.